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Open 5am - 10pm
bude gym
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Bude Gym Equipment

We are proud to be one of the best-equipped gyms in Bude.

Our equipment:

- 2x Treadmills
- 2x Cross trainers
- 2x Bikes
- 1x Rowing machine
- Dumbells - ranging from 1kg - 55kgs
- Heavy duty power rack
- Smith machine
- Crossover machine
- Squat rack
- Leg press
- Hack squat
- Fixed barbells
- Kettlebells
- Boxing bags
- Stretch out area
- And more benches than you will ever need!!

We also have SEVEN large wall-mounted fans covering every corner of the gym, to keep you cool at all times. And a water dispenser free to use - just bring along a re-usable bottle.

Lastly, to help keep you motivated, we have a music system that allows you to play your own CDs or to play music straight from your phone.
bude gyms
gyms in bude

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  1. bude gym
  2. gyms in bude
  3. gyms in bude cornwall
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  6. gyms in bude cornwall
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  9. gyms in bude cornwall
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