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Open 5am - 10pm

At Bude Gym, there are no joining fees, no costly mandatory inductions, and we will never tie you into a contract! Memberships are run per calendar month, and you can pay by cash or by monthly standing order.


Gents  £35 p/m
Ladies  £25 p/m
Couples  £50p/m

Budehaven students (17 years +) £20p/m

P.S. Prices are reduced to £30 p/m and £20 p/m respectively if membership is paid by standing order!

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Please note: regarding casual gym passes...

Unfortunately we do not offer day passes to our gym. The shortest duration membership we can offer is a 7-day holiday pass, priced at a flat rate of £20. To arrange this we will require evidence of a valid drivers license or passport for our insurance purposes. 

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